Smoothie weekend: Banana and raspberry

There’s a reason why I’ve been so silent lately. I’ve created another blog, for outfit only, and this post came from it. It may take me a while before I post something new on this blog (maybe when I have another trip or come up with something inspiring and want to share here). If you are curious about what I wear, please pay a visit to the other blog. 

 Thank you for reading!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far.

As a vegetarian, I always try to “beef up” my diet with different nutrient sources. Smoothie is one of my favorite energy boosters (actually it is good for everybody, not just plant eaters). It is super easy to make, and do I need to say how delicious it is?

My go-to recipe is banana + oatmeal + milk, because those ingredients are always available in my kitchen. Today I added a bottle of raspberry juice to the fridge. It’s not really fresh ‘n natural (only 30% is raspberry, the rest is water, sugar and chemicals), but given there is no fresh raspberry in Vietnam (not in general supermarkets), I’m contented with just that. I was surprised at how just one tablespoon of raspberry juice would change the flavor of the drink and make it taste much better.

* The white topping is my failed attempt to draw a heart with the leftover milk.

What I used (for 2 servings):

– 2 bananas

– 1 tablespoon raspberry juice

– 1 cup home-made yogurt

– 200 ml milk

Put everything into the blender and process until smooth. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!

Do you make smoothie at home? What’s your favorite recipes?


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