Hong Kong: Tai O

Hong Kong is famous for its convenient public transportation system.  It is easy for you to get from almost anywhere to anywhere else either by bus, tram, subway or ferry, using the same Octopus card. During our stay on Lantau island, we took a bus to Tai O, a fishing village, quite famous for both foreign tourists and residents from other parts of Hong Kong. This is the bus:

Remember the cattle ad I talked about in my previous post? It was printed on this bus!

The bus station was very well organized and automatic. No ticket booth. There were several lines for passengers to queue in, with electronic boards indicating the destination, bus number, current time, and estimated time of the next bus. 

Sam, the owner of the holiday house, told us that before getting to where it is now, Hong Kong was once a fishing village. That’s why teachers often take students to Tai O for them to see how life in Hong Kong was in the past. Tai O is also known as “Venice of Hong Kong”, which I think was overrated. But I really enjoyed the different, traditional taste that this village had to offer.

Welcome to Tai O!

A market at the entrance to Tai O, selling fresh and traditional salted seafood

The infamous stilt houses of Tai O. In 2000 a large fire broke out destroying many residences. The village is now mostly squatters huts and dilapidated stilt houses.

A romantic balcony 

Currently the fishing lifestyle is dying out. While many residents continue to fish, it barely provides a subsistence income. (Source)

What a way to enjoy a lazy sunny Sunday morning! S/he looked exactly like our Lhasa,  but was a bit shy though.

Another Sunday indulgence interrupted

Sorry guys, it’s time to show off my excitement!

Love these flowers!

:: Facts and tips ::

Location: Northwest coastal border of Lantau island

How to get there from Mui Wo:

Bus no. 1 (Fare: Weekday 10.7 HKD, weekend 17.7 HKD)

For more ways to get there from other points, visit Wikipedia

Octopus card: Easy to buy and top up. A first card costs HK$150, which is inclusive of a HK$50 refundable deposit and HK$100 credit, in addition, any cash left on the card at the end of your stay will be returned. You can pick up a card at MTR subway stations and at the airport. The card can also be used at convenient stores and fast food restaurants  (7-Elevens, Circle K, Watson’s , McDonalds,…)

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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