Hong Kong: Mui Wo


Few tourists choose to stay on Mui Wo when they visit Hong Kong. For one thing, the only hotel in town, the Silverbay Beach Hotel, would be too expensive (at least for someone who is traveling on a budget). And there is no shopping malls or fancy nightlife whatsoever on this coastal town of Hong Kong. To get to Central,  where you could find all of the above, you need to board the ferry (please check the fare below), back and forth… If you compare, the time will be more or less the same if you choose to stay in Central and travel to another part of the island by subway.

Since I wasn’t in Hong Kong for shopping (or should I say it was not my main purpose), and I was lucky enough to have a friend whose friend has a holiday house for rent at cheap price,  we chose to stay on Mui Wo instead (house rental was 400-500 HKD/night and it could host up to 6 people).

What I love about Mui Wo is its relaxing and peaceful pace. Life there is entirely different from the hectic Hong Kong you often see. The weather at the time of our arrival (late April) was very “friendly”, light and breezy. During our 4 days there, it rained on the first day only, and we were treated with cool days most of the time.

Cows on the island

My first night on Mui Wo, on the way from the ferry pier back home, we walked past a small park – home to a community of cows. There were 14 of them (yes, I stopped to count). Unfortunately it was too dark to take any picture. I was told that they used to work on the fields on Lantau island before, but in the past 10 years, agriculture activities were scaled down to the point where there was no field left for the cows to work on and they were forced to retire early.

People on the island get used to their presence. There is in fact an NGO set up to protect the cows. I saw their ad on a bus advising people Dos and Don’ts when encounter them on the street. Strangely enough, they would “disappear” at day time (go trekking or sightseeing to the other part of the island, perhaps?) and return to the park at night to sleep. During my stay there, they vanished for the whole weekend. I tell you, these guys really know how to enjoy their retirement to the fullest!

Bicycle ride

There are two parts of the town, the inland is more “developed”, with apartment buildings and vehicles frequenting the streets. The coastal part is more “rural”, where bicycles  and tricycles are the more popular (read: only) means of transportation. The house we stayed in was in this part of town. There was no internet in the house, which should be totally fine if you really want to chill out and stay away from all things that make your life busy.

The owners of the house were extremely nice and helpful. They let us use their bicycles to ride around the town for sightseeing. Apart from the vacant Silvermine beach (crowded on weekend), which is just 5 minute walk from the house, a ride/hiking to the waterfall through local residence and a trailed forest will add flavor to your stay in Mui Wo. There is a nice clearing at the waterfall where you can read, meditate, practice yoga, or have some BBQ with friends. How cool is that?

‘Nuff said, here is what Mui Wo looked like through our lenses:

The beach:

A ride to the waterfall:


Life on the island:

The restaurant where we came to everyday for breakfast

The holiday house yard and its neighborhood

A stroll to the nearby area:

My camera missed a lot of things during our stay in Mui Wo, the ever lasting mahjong games in the neighborhood, the tranquil parks – perfect for reading (and yoga and meditation), the local people in their daily life. Oh well, you have to come there to know what I mean.

:::Facts and tips:::

Location:  Mui Wo is in the eastern coast of Lantau island, the biggest island in Hong Kong where the airport was built on.

How to get there:

  • From the airport: Take the bus S1 or S64 to Tung Chung. S1 and S64 stops are located in the Airport Public Transport terminus at ground floor. Get off in Tung Chung Station and then take Lantau bus 3M to Mui Wo.
  • From Central: Board the ferry at Pier No. 6

Ferry fare:

  • Ordinary, about 50 minutes (Mon-Sat/Sun): 14.5 HKD/21.4 HKD
  • Fast, 30 min: 28.4 HKD/40.8 HKD

(Check the timetable and updated fare here)

Normally tourists will take this ferry to Lantau island for a day trip to Disneyland.

Thank you so much for reading! Please leave a comment below if you find this post interesting/helpful.

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