Reading novels is good for you!!!

I’m so glad I came across this article. It has everything to say about, and justify, the pros of reading novels. Novel has always been my favorite category. But for some reasons, I don’t feel comfortable telling others that truth. I have tried non-fiction as well, just to find out they’re not for me. Well, I still vote for non-fiction  of my own interest, like Buddhism and self-help, but novel remains the everlasting love.

In Your brain on fiction, ANNIE MURPHY PAUL cites several studies to support the value of fiction, including:


Brain scans are revealing what happens in our heads when we read a detailed description, an evocative metaphor or an emotional exchange between characters. Stories, this research is showing, stimulate the brain and even change how we act in life.

and this

What scientists have come to realize in the last few years is that narratives activate many other parts of our brains as well, suggesting why the experience of reading can feel so alive.

and this

Just as computer simulations can help us get to grips with complex problems such as flying a plane or forecasting the weather, so novels, stories and dramas can help us understand the complexities of social life.”

I can’t agree with them more. And you? What are you reading?


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